Developers of World of Warships begin filling out the German and Soviet tech trees with new ships.

Wargaming’s new hope intended for the lovers of maritime shooting World of Warships was released a month ago, and yesterday came the news that developers included some new content.

In addition to the existing Japanese and American tech trees, the authors started to fill in the German and Soviet ships. As stated in the official press release, currently available are German cruisers Dresden and Hermelin with a solid armor and powerful cannons, while the Soviet side got several destroyers, Gnevny and Tashkent.
Wargaming celebrated the new ships with a trailer that you have the opportunity to see below, although we must mention that it does not disclose too many details about the news.
As you probably already know, World of Warships is like its predecessors free-to-play title and the theme is war ships from the period of World War II.
Any additional details can be found here. Enjoy!