Popular Facebook application for messaging, WhatsApp, on Monday, November 2nd, will be available to users of Firefox OS devices.

Firefox and WhatsAppp reached an official agreement on arrival of WhatsApp application on Firefox OS devices, which ended the two-year period since the launch of Firefox OS in which the application was not available. Application WhatsApp currently has 900 million monthly active users.

WhatsApp Arrives On Firefox OS

The main reason for WhatsApp’s arrival on Firefox OS is introducing new functionality within Firefox OS 2.5, which will also be officially presented on November 2. This is an option called Application Compatibility Layer (ACL) by OpenMobile company that will enable the execution of Android apps in Firefox OS.

WhatsApp application for Firefox OS will require the Firefox OS 2.5 version of the system and will be exactly the same as the application available to users on Android devices via the Play Store.