Oracle’s software to create virtual machines long tapped in on the issue of speed and some bugs that remained uncorrected for months. A particular problem was the unpredictable slowness in executing VirtualBox virtual machines, or of individual operating systems in them.

However, VirtualBox 5.0 has arrived on the wings of several important new features, among which the most notable is better virtualization support, and support for paravirtualized Linux and Windows virtual machines. As a result, operating systems installed in the virtual machine should work much faster than before. Also, VirtualBox is now able to better exploit the advanced processors, applications in virtual machines should in most cases carried out more quickly.

In order to test these claims, I installed Windows 8.1 Enterprise evaluation, whose predecessor – vanilla “Eight” – the VirtualBox truly a run over cat. Of course, I am aware that neither my computer is not in bloom of youth, which inevitably affects the performance of virtual machines. But, compared to VMware Player VirtualBox was significantly slower emulation computer with the above OS.

Anyway, the fifth version of Oracle’s virtualization program acceptable pace pushes Windows 8.1 – significantly faster than before. The installation is shorter,boot and run various applications and interface elements responsive. This is somewhat true for Linux (Ubuntu), although the improvement is minimal, almost imperceptibly.

Another major new feature is the option of encrypting virtual disks 128-bit and 256-bit AES encryption, which drastically increases the time to raise the virtualized system, so be warned that you need to do so strong hardware. Encryption can be activated in the “General” section of the virtual machine settings, and define the code you need to enter each time before starting it.

Finally, VirtualBox 5.0 provides USB 3.0 support – virtualized systems now can directly access USB 3.0 devices at full speed.


On the other hand, Oracle would not be Oracle when a new version of VirtualBox not suffer from strange bugs, so you can expect the inability to boot encrypted virtual machines in some cases (I’d like to tell you what is causing it, but my program has not released any error message ). They also reportedly better support for transferring files by dragging a “host” operating system, and that the virtual computer and is working to identify the stars – completely unpredictable and unreliable. Users on Oracle’s forum now entertain listing all the mighty bugs plaguing VirtualBox 5.0, so if you plan to use for something serious, take a look at the respective thread.

If, however, just want to experiment with different operating systems and software in a safe environment, without polluting your host system, VirtualBox 5.0 will make it easier compared to its previous version. The program is just so much faster that the average user will not turn your stomach every time you think of something testing in VirtualBox.