While in the few previous weeks Apple was busy patching new iOS 9 operating system also it was finishing jobs related to the desktop version of the operating system – OS X. The new version as planned on 30 September came as the El Capitan and is available for download from the Apple Store .

Let say right at the beginning that El Capitan is “heavier” by 6.08 GB and that it is free to all users who run OS X 10.6.8 or newer on their devices. The new version of the OS brings a new system font – San Francisco, which is specially adapted for Retina screens, and minor changes related to the graphical interface.
But those are not the only news related to the new version of OS X, Apple has further enhanced Mail, Photos, Notes, Safari and other applications with new features such as support for gestures within Mail. Split View will precisely align the two applications in full screen mode one next to each other. There is also improved Mission Control, which makes it easier to view all the applications running applications without overlapping one over the other.
Spotlight has also become smarter and now recognizes the phrases such as “documents that I edited yesterday” where  just those documents will be listed. In the end, let’s say that El Capitan also brings new graphics engine – Metal, which according to Apple, work with video, photos and games speeds up to 10 times, while in rendering web pages and PDF documents is faster 40, ie, 50% compared to OpenGL and OpenCL which he had replaced .
Other news related to the El Capitan (of which there are plenty), you can see on Apple’s official website.