Twitter is slowly increasingly lags behind other popular social networks, as evidenced by the fact that he had recently lost his second place on the popularity scale networks. His replacement is Instagram, which is growing rapidly and is coming closer to Facebook. Basically, Twitter is no longer attractive to users and it will be necessary to introduce some news on this social network.

The past few months, this network has experienced so many changes, where users attempt to meet displaying images, improving the protection and services of private conversations, etc. Basically, many are saying that Twitter looks more like Facebook, which is not to the satisfaction of many users. However, users still feel that it is time for a change on this network. In recent years came a lot of messages of users in which they seek to increase the number of Twitter characters in tweets. The question is whether the time has come for really such a drastic move?

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, decided that in the coming period to consider how to increase the number of characters in tweets, and not to disturb the ‘trademark’ of Twitter. Specifically, this network has been nurtured since its inception limit to the number of characters that now is 140 characters. Dorsey does not want to directly interfere with that figure but will try to find some other solution that would circumvent modify this number. Some of the solutions that will be in considering the separation of user names or hashtags from the number of characters. In this way, Twitter would not really expand the space for publication for the current user names and hashtags take up quite a lot of places. But now everything is still under consideration, and changes can be expected early next year.