The new mini-series of The Walking Dead world should shorten the wait for the third season.

Telltale completed the great Tales from the Borderlands and launched Minecraft: Story Mode last month. This month, on 17. 11.  Game of Thrones will be finished, and apparently mini series The Walking Dead: Michonne will be launched. As it was announced it’s about three small episodes that will put us in the role of Michonne before her story started in the comic and TV series.

The Walking Dead: Michonne Is Coming Soon

The first episode of Michonne spin-off is apparently already made. Job J. Stauffer, head of the communications department at Telltale has tweeted that fresh and brutal TWD: Michonne will sneak on players and scare them, suggesting perhaps surprising releasing. Telltaleu obviously likes surprising releases since they released another episode of Minecraft: Story Mode few weeks ago without any warning just two weeks after the release of the first one.

Anyway, episodes with Michonne will be slightly shorter – maximum an hour and a half, like movies. On the other hand, third season with the famous Clementine will keep us in suspense until further notice. Specifically, they won’t speak about the third The Walking Dead until the TWD: Michonne doesn’t do its three episodes – and this will probably be until the end of this year, perhaps even later.