No matter how much publishers try to keep all information under control, sometimes things leak from unexpected sources.

So thanks to advertising materials of Geekay Games the exact release date for Dark Souls 3 is unveiled, as well as the contents of two separate game editions (Collector’s Edition and Prestige).
Both versions include decorative packaging, maps, books and figurines of characters from the game in a variety of sizes for which the real fans will pay up to $ 500. The most interesting detail that has leaked from the Middle Eastern distributors, however, the fact that the game will come out on 12.04.2016.
This is in accordance with the announcements to expect the game in the first half of next year, but now we found out the exact date. Publisher Namco Bandai has not confirmed this information, but the lack of a clear denials is probably message clear enough.
The Release Date For Dark Souls 3 Leaks