Halo 5: Guardians is ready to be released, but we will still have to wait on it for another two weeks. In the meantime, here’s a new trailer so the waiting can become even more difficult.

Halo 5 has so far had an extensive advertising campaign as the largest Xbox One Exclusive Title of this year should have. We have had the chance to see some truly gorgeous trailers and videos, and all this makes the “Launch Gameplay Trailer” complete real thing. In it, of course we see about ten seconds of actual gameplay, but regardless, it was made by rules of the industry so that you get hooked on the game that you have to wait for another two weeks.
The band Muse fits perfectly in the picture with their older song, Knights of Cydonia, by which these British rockers have become the number one preferred band for the launch trailers. If you remember, also the Batman: Arkham Knight used one of their newer songs for its last trailer before the release.
By the way, if on your Xbox One console there isn’t a lot of free space on the disk, it would be advisable to clean it up a bit because Halo 5 will “weigh” about 60 gigabytes, which for the Xbox One, is one of the largest installations ever. And it will be even bigger, if you count a Day1 patch and additional DLC’s. In any case, all those who purchase the game digitally will have time for contemplation while the 60 gigabytes is being downloaded.