The success of interactive horror surprised the team at Sony and Supermassive Games, which are now intensively thinking about  a potential sequel.

Supermassive Games’s Until Dawn slipped into the market without a lot of noise in August of this year, and to the surprise of almost everyone who worked on the project, has been a huge success and got a great passing grade from reviewers and players. About the success of the game Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida has been talking recently, and the development team has now confirmed that they are considering ideas for a potential sequel.
“I think it can be expected that the team will work on what they have created with the Until Dawn, regardless of whether it will be horror genre or any other.” – Said the producer in Supermassive Games Pete Samuels, and explained that the new game cannot be traditional sequel, but something that wouldn’t depend on events in the first game of the series.
Samuels stressed that no concrete plans exist yet, and that it is still too early to discuss Until Dawn 2 as the next project of his team. However, as soon as things come out in public in this way,  it is certain that Supermassive will exactly do that, i.e. work on the Until Dawn franchise.