Everything about Star Citizen is bombastic, and so is the new video lasting up to two hours, and the list of actors who will voice above mentioned title.

On the pages of Roberts Space Industries there was a long video recorded for the CitizenCon 2015 where many elements of the upcoming Star Citizen are explained.

Video lasting over two hours with many details also reveals an impressive list of actors who will lend their voices to the game, some of which are well known from the Wing Commander series.

The list includes Gary Oldman, Mark Hamill, Gillian Anderson, Mark Strong, John Rhys-Davies, Jack Huston, Ben Mendelsohn, Andy Serkis, Harry Treadway and many others that were hired by authors for the game’s needs.

At this website there was a letter published to the community of players, in which the authors are referring to the recent rumors regarding the reorganization of the company and what it actually means, as well as module status of Star Marine who got some new functions.