Katsuhiro Harada came to the Sony stage in the middle of Paris Games Week Fair to announce that Tekken 7 for consoles is coming out, and he came with a new trailer which celebrates 20 years of the series.

During the just completed PlayStation conference in the middle of Paris Games Week, Katsuhiro Harada came to the Sony stage to announce Tekken 7 for PlayStation 4. Completely new trailer was shown too, looking at the previous Tekken games, celebrating 20 years of the famous fighting games series.

Tekken 7 has existed for some time – since March this year it has been available exclusively in Japan and only on arcade machines. Earlier this month it was rumored that the announcement of the console versions of the current generation are coming soon and that console editions will be available in 2016. Unfortunately, nobody spoke about official release date. It has been confirmed that the game will support PlayStation VR – we do not know how one of these fights work with VR helmet, but we fear that it might hurt.

It would be rude to have it done on the Sony stage, but the publisher Namco Bandai has confirmed later that the game will also come out for the Xbox One console. However, the PlayStation 4 will get some kind of exclusive content.