Just before the beginning of Closed Alpha Test of new Doom, Bethesda decided to show the players how the multiplayer aspect of their new shooter game looks like.

At the very beginning of the video, one of the developers from ID Software says that this is alpha version of the game, and after there is a short fast and bloody action, accompanied by heavy riffs.

In the video you can see several power-ups and weapons available in the game, and there are scenes of passing through portals and scenes showing melee finisher moves. Buy, Bethesda promised also to organise beta test, so everyone who don’t get into alpha have something to hope for during next several months.

First Doom closed alpha test starts today and lasts until October 25 and only limited number of players will be given access (if you want to test your luck, check out this link).

Doom is arriving in spring next year and except on PC it will be also available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.