The first free DLC with Halloween themes adds a number of improvements to the existing gameplay.

Exactly ten days after the Sword Coast Legends came to the market, developer’s team n-Space sent an open letter to the players’ community.

The letter was signed by their boss Dan Tudge who says that it is obvious that number of players liked the game, but also they are aware that there are those whose expectations Sword Coast Legends did not satisfy.

Sword Coast Legends Gets Upgrades

What he wanted to say is that feedback is very welcome and that they listen and process them, and that any criticism is very welcome. He pointed out that the release of the game was only the first step, while the next step will come in the form of patches that will solve problems and add all sorts of new opportunities, and it will happen very soon.

There is a new free upgrade available, “The Pumpkin Patch” that brings the Halloween spirit into the world of the game, and together with some gameplay  modifications. Also there are several DLC’s are planned to be finalized by December such as support for game modifying.
Additional details on new updates and plans for the Sword Coast Legends, can be found on the official websites.