In November last year the US company Sony Pictures, a subsidiary of Japanese Sony, has become the target of hackers. Hacker group Guardians of Peace took responsibility for the attack, and US government suspects that North Korea might be responsible. And now there is the belief that Sony was hacked for

publishing the film The Interview, describing the assassination of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un.

Sony Pays Compensation To Employees Whose Data Was Hacked

In this hacker attack the whole company’s computer system was paralysed, and large amount of personal data and employees e-mails were stolen. They later sued the company for damages they suffered thereby, and they now Sony agreed to pay a compensation.

As part of a court settlement every employee will get up to $ 10,000 if his/her personal data were stolen, and up to $ 1,000 for the theft of credit card information. These items will sum up to 2.5 million US dollars. Together with court expenses of about 3.5 million, Sony will have to pay up a total of about $ 8 million in order to fully cover all the costs arising from the hacking.