Earlier this year Konami and Triumph have merged their forces to create the motorcycle modeled by the one Metal Gear Solid 5 in promotional purposes. Now one of those is on eBay.

Konami and motorcycle manufacturer Triumph proudly showed us a motorcycle called Venom, modeled after the one that Snake rides in Metal Gear Solid 5. This is actually a special edition of Triumph’s Bonneville T100 model customized to look just like in the game, including the Diamond Dogs logo and lack of speedometers and mirrors (because there aren’t any in the game).

Snake Motorcycle From MGS 5 Is Up For Sale On eBay

While this is a special edition designed only for promotional purposes, one of those got on eBay. In fact, one lucky young man named Anton won it recently in Russian Comic Con and now he sells it for exactly 10 000 dollars, or more if someone offers.
For now, as we could see, nobody is offering. Which is a bit odd because it certainly is an unique collectible, and we already know that collectors have bought a lot smaller and seemingly worthless things for much more money.