Samsung will in it’s newest flagship phone, pay more attention on photo’s quality than megapixels.

Recently, there was an information on the Internet, that Samsung will focus more on quality of the photographs that quantity of megapixels in the new flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S7.

To be more precise, the rumors say that in the new device there will be a camera of 12 MP with a large image sensor, that should improve display quality of your photos. According to the Galaxy Club, Samsung has recently protected trademark of camera sensor called BRITECELL, which should replace the existing ISOCELL sensor.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Will Have BRITECELL Camera

For now, it is still unknown when Samsung might present it’s new flagship phone, but rumors from multiple sources mostly say it will happen in January 2016, while the sale is allegedly scheduled to begin in February. Regarding other hardware, rumors are mentioning that the Galaxy S7 might have different chipsets depending on the models, including Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, and brand new Samsung Exynos 8990 and Exynos 7422 processors.

Of course, it is expected that the Galaxy S7 will have flat screen and S7 Edge curved one and that is mostly it when it comes to rumors on the Internet these days.