According to the latest rumors coming  from South Korea, Samsung could introduce its new flagship – Galaxy S7 – in January, reports GSMArena.

As a reminder, the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge were presented on March 1 this year, which could mean that  Samsung will present their new phones next year few months earlier  – and apparently it is all due to pressure from the high-end competition (primarily Apple and their iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus).

Rumors: Samsung Galaxy S7 Might Be Released In January

Rumors state that Samsung will present two models of its new flagship – the premium and sub-premium – and that design for both was finalized last month.

Premium model is apparently supposed to have a chipset with the processor and the modem on one chip, while in the sub-premium model it will be located on separate chips, and rumors are that the Galaxy S7 will have technology similar to Apple’s 3D touch, as well as USB Type- C port.


  1. i have the 5s and refuse to buy the newer models due to the internal battery. they are most likely going to keep the internal batter and put a type c port? no thanks