Capcom’s first division, which is primarily engaged in the development of Resident Evil games, will focus on the new challenges of VR market and making games for virtual reality devices in the future.

There is no doubt that the two things will be successful in the virtual reality no matter how expensive, unpopular or unperfect VR devices of the first series are. One thing is, of course, pornography, and the other horror. Virtual reality will be the new “thing” to frighten people (considering that many of them are even afraid of simulation or riding the carousel), Capcom agrees with all of it. Its Resident Evil has declined in popularity, but if we can judge by the latest report of the company, Capcom really hopes that the VR is going to change this situation.
Specifically, in Capcom’s annual financial report it was revealed that the Division 1 team, the one that is mostly engaged in making Resident Evil games, is now focusing on the challenges of the VR games market. For this purpose, a new driver is being developed that will support virtual reality.
Capcom earlier this year has experimented with VR content with horror game Kitchen for PlayStation VR, which was presented at E3 fair. Those who have experienced it say it is “the right thing”, and it is to be expected that Capcom, based on this feedback in developing VR games, will just continue along this path, and that among their first VR games we will have a good horror. Resident Evil  needs a resuscitation so definitely we can put two and two here.
Fortunately, turning to the VR market does not mean that the Capcom team is only going to do that. As stated in the report – in addition to VR titles they will simultaneously develop games for current consoles generation.