Reddit has announced news of the introduction of a new system of suspension of trolls and spammers.

In that was shadowbans will be replaced by the new system, in which the users can be banned only by Reddit administrators, and not the subreddit moderators.

Reddit Replaces Shadowbans With Suspensions Of Rude Users

While users who get Shadowban would not even be aware that they are banned for some time because they could see their user profile and content that they set up on site – from now on they will receive the timely notification in the inbox and on the front page in which they will be informed of the reason for the suspension and its duration.

Suspended users will not be able to vote or comment on posts, nor will be able to send private messages to other users. And, those who decide to complain about the decision on suspension, can contact administrators directly by replying to private messages they received as a notification of the suspension.

People from Reddit believe that this new system of suspension is much more transparent than the previous one, and that is more friendly to users. More about the new policy can be read here.