Another interesting project that uses little Raspberry Pi computer.

Raspberry Pi As A Polaroid Camera

Although you can use Raspberry Pi independently for the usual stuff like surfing, playing games, playing videos, and educational needs, the original idea was for people to use it for their own projects.
One Raspberry Pi enthusiast named Pierre Mouth, these days introduced the instant camera project called the PolyPi, which brings the possibility of recording videos and making photos similar to Polaroid cameras.
In short,as you can see in this video, Pierre has connected Raspberry Pi computer with a camera module, TFT display and thermal printer, and added a lithium-polymer 3.6 Ah battery .
According to him, the battery gave Raspberry Pi computer 6 hours of work, as well as the print of 100 photos.

If you want to make this open-source “Polaroid” yourself, Pierre put all the details and instructions on the Hackaday page, as well as files for downloading Linux and Java software that he used.