Qualcomm, a renowned manufacturer of mobile chips, has decided to expand its business in the server market with low power consumption. At a conference in San Francisco they presented their new platform for servers called Server Development Platform (SDP).
It includes pre- copy of the 64-bit ARMv8 processor which has 24 processing cores.  Details of the rhythmic core processor were not disclosed, its cache memory or the production process (we only know that it is about a FinFET process).
Production example of the chip should have multiple processor cores and contain Qualcomm own cores, which is not the case with preproduction copy.
In addition to the processor, the SDP server with Linux (kernel version 4.2) was also shown, the KVM hypervisor, LAMP stack and OpenStack platform for cloud computing.
In addition to Qualcomm, in the developing of SDP two other companies are involved. Mellanox is developing network interface cards adjusted to the platform, while Xilinx is working on a programmable chips that will speed up certain workloads.
Target Markets of SDP platform will be IaaS and PaaS platforms, as well as Big Data market, also financial and health sectors. Servers with preproduction processors shall be delivered to selected partners for testing, but it is not known when the platform will officially be available in the market.