The Town of Light will show us how psychiatric institutions may be uncomfortable places, and the location is modeled by a closed Italian hospital for mental illnesses.

Italian developer, together with the new trailer has announced that we will get to play their psychological thriller The Town of Light from 26.02. next year.
What is special about this title is the location of events that is modeled by Volterra psychiatric institution, which is due to the law, stopped working in 1978. Although the setting is nothing new in the world of games, moving around the building that actually existed should provide a different feeling than the one created from the designers’ imagination.
The Town of Light will put us in the role of Renee, a girl who shows symptoms of mental illness, and within Volterra we will look for her forgotten and blurred memories. In addition, while investigating the institution, we will encounter realistic documents and see how the hospital looked like then and what it looks like today.