AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Yelling!! Some more yelling!!! Real yelling!! Subscribe to yelling!!! SUBSCRIIBEEE TOOO YEEELLLIIING!!!!!

When you are a multimillionaire and far richer than any other YouTuber who envy you for making money by playing video games (and yelling, of course), well, guess there is that need to start something new. And so PewDiePie saw a new chance and grabbed the opportunity to take yelling to a completely new level. Now he won’t be screaming at video games but will have his own “reality show” where he will be scared by situations from everyday life!
However, those situations will be inspired by those from video games, and to make them more realistic, Kjellberg will work with, believe it or not, Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead franchise. But there is a catch, since, obviously this is going to be a little bit more expensive project than simple yelling in front of the camera. The Scare PewDiePie, the reality show’s name, will be exclusive for freshly announced YouTube Red service with monthly subscription.

YouTube Red which starts next week will offer lots of exclusive video content to its viewers, as well as a number of “premium” options for $9,99 per month. And in the first place, with a subscription to YouTube Red the users will not see any ads before videos.
Also, they will get the ability to save videos if they want to watch them later- but offline, so they don’t need to be connected to the Internet. Finally, for users on mobile devices, YouTube Red brings the option to play the video in the background, which means that the video will not pause if you start another application while watching it.