The issue of payments has been in the spotlight for the few last months and many companies are trying to explore and find the best way for payments. After Apple has launched its payment system using smartphones, the real big fuss started over who will provide the safest and easiest method of payment. Real money is slowly becoming the thing of the past, but it seems that the bank cards will soon find their place in the history. we are definitely moving to paying via our smartphones, but the question remains- which way will be the best and safest.

Master Card Identity Check is a new system that is still in the early stages of development, but i has already attracted huge deal of attention. The goal of developing this project is to provide a system where the identity verification and payment service provision could be achieved by making selfies. Yes, passwords would also become things of past, and their place would be taken over by popular selfies. Biometrics is already very frequent as a method of user verification and identification on the Internet, and one of the many methods will definitely become the future basis of our identification on the Internet. At the same time with the development of a system where the selfie check would be carried out, another system is being developed- system for identification and payment with a fingerprint. Thanks to modern smartphones it is not a big time news to own a phone with a fingerprint scanner and we are sure that it will be used a lot in the future.

The main goal of all these efforts is to enable users to perform their identification easily, quickly and safely. Consequently, this types of identifications will be introduced, except in the banking system, to many other systems. Many analysts believe that in the future such systems will fully be able to replace passwords as we know them today. It will take some time to accept this drastic change, but if we believe to predictions, this transition will happen in the next 5 years. regarding Master Card Identity Check system, next year is the time when it should start to be used in financial institutions in USA, and one year later it should be expanded to other countries of the world.