This week OpenCritic was launched- network location where all the game reviews, and I say just games, are gathered; the main goal is to offer an alternative to the rule of Metacritic.

Metacritic is a very relevant place where a set of reviews make an average mark that gives users plenty of objective insight into what should be good and what not. In the video game industry the rating on Metacritic is often more than prestige, and we still remember the case with  Fallout New Vegas which to its creators at Obsidian did not bring additional revenue from publisher Bethesd purely because the game has not maintained a rating higher than 85, but once they settled with an average mark of 83.

Metacritic in the recent years ran into problems because from the list of publictions which are dealing with reviews removed those ones no longer evaluating products numerically – primarily portal Eurogamer. In the video game industry, therefore, there was a need for an alternative, and it has recently been launched as an OpenCritic – network location focused on the video games rating.


While Metacritic also deals with average ratings of movies, music and other things, OpenCritic is exclusively destination for gamers and is trying to make an assessment process more personalized. For this purpose, with each review there is the name of author given (something what on Metacritic is not available), and the games not evaluated with the numbers are also listed.

Great importance in OpenCritica is given to transparency. For example, policy of OpenCritica is not to show reviews of games that are in the phase of Early Access. Also, focus is on informing customers outside the parameters of the game evaluation itself, so at its profile except the average ratings and reviews, promotional materials and information can also be found.

OpenCritic admittedly does not follow the games for 3DS and PS Vita, and there is no possibility of user reviews. Also there is no division between the reviews of games for various platforms which clearly shows that the whole project is still in development and it will take a long time untill is ready to become a relevant competition to Metacritic.