jwsigpro_cache_c7ed85fcf4_olo-3d-005-640x427-cOLO is a special box, which can make a 3D printer out of your smartphone, and it is expected that the retail price of this device when it hits the markets will amount only $100. The OLO is a work of Italian startup Solido3D, who presented this little device at the New York Market Fair last week, and it is planned to also be presented through Kickstarter campaign by the end of this month.

The device comes with an application for iOS and Android, and it is consisted of reservoir into which the photopolymer resin is poured and the final result are various objects.
At the bottom of the reservoir there is a polarized glass under which you place your smartphone so the screen is facing upwards.
After that, in short, OLO is using your smartphone instead of the projector and creating any 3D printed object you want. More about the product itself will be known when it gets presenter at Kickstarter, while you can check out the official startup website and find out how you can get OLO for free.