The American version of the game Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water aka Fatal Frame, is a bit cut for some nudity which Nintendo used to lure audience in Japan.

Localization of games is sometimes not very direct and simple thing that only involves translating materials into another language. Sometimes, cultural and market differences should be taken into account. A real example is the Nintendo Wii U exclusive Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water, aka the new sequel of Fatal Frame series. In fact, after a little more than half a year it came to the US (and European) market, and except different language it has brought different costumes for our protagonist.
In the original Japanese version by good old Japanese tradition two additional costumes are showing naked edition – protagonist in a bikini and frankly I do not know what this other thing is, but as soon as you see her thigh and garter on the leg, you know that it is something half-perverted what makes the Japanese giggle.

Now, regardless of how this practice is exploitative, sexist or something else, Nintendo decide to remove those costumes in the international version of the game. More specifically, to replace them with costumes from Zelda and Metroid.
It is difficult to speculate about the real reason for this, but since having females in video games is still bit sensitive issue, chances are that Nintendo decided to make this move in order to avoid negative critique of feminist movements and other duty warriors of social justice.