A few weeks ago, LG’s new smartphone, Nexus 5X, was released on sale but only in selected countries, of which the only European one was Great Britain.

As of today, the Nexus 5X entered the pre-sale on the Google Store in the rest of the European Union, and the deliveries will start soon: on 9 November.

Nexus 5X Now Available In Europe - Europeans Get Free Chromecast

LG Nexus 5X with 16GB of internal memory on Google Store costs 480 euros, while the version with 32GB of internal memory costs 530 euros. Although the price in the US is severely considerably lower than in Europe and is only $ 380, customers who live in Germany, France, Italy and Spain for their money get a small gift: a free Chromecast with the purchase of the smartphone.

For more detailed specifications of Nexus 5X smartphone take a look here.