The recently launched Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P except in specifications and price differ in yet another little thing – in fact, although both new Google phones are coming out with a USB Type-C connectors, but only one of them is coming with a cable by which you can connect it to standard USB ports .

As reported by TechRadar, with more expensive Nexus 6P in the packaging case you get a USB Type- C/ USB Standard-A cable, with which the phone can be connected to standard USB ports, while the Nexus 5X comes only with USB Type-C / USB Type -C cable, without any additional adapters. In other words, if you plan to purchase the Nexus 5X and if you plan to connect to your computer for any reason, get ready to also purchase an USB Type-C / USB Standard-A adapter or cable.
Of course, both phones come with adapters for charging, so at least there is this little thing you don’t need to worry about.
More details about the new Nexus models can be found at this link.