The members of Insider program, who had installed the newest preview version of Microsoft operating system, Build 10565, found something unexpected in their Start menus – advertisements for Windows Store apps.

As reported by BetaNews, there is a new tile in the newest Windows 10 Insider Preview build. It is located on the left side of the menu, between the list of the most used items and basic shortcuts for access to documents, file explorer and other options.

The tile is named “Suggested”, and Microsoft shows links to applications from Windows Store that users might find useful.

Fortunately, Windows Insiders were offered another option. The tile with advertisements…sorry, “suggestions” can be removed from the Start menu and all you have to do is to right click the Suggested tile and select Turn off all suggestions from the menu (next to it is an option to remove single suggestions).

In addition, as reported by BetaNews, these Microsoft suggestions can be turned off also trough Settings/Personalization/Start settings, where all you need to do is to turn of the option Occasionally show suggestions in Start.