News on the new line of i7 processors from Intel are coming from Asia, which aims at enthusiasts for who four cores are just not enough. Are you planning to get one?

Asian portal Fastest has recently started to spread information about the four new processors from Intel Broadwell E-series. Those would be successors of Haswell-E series with new labels 6800K, 6850K, 6900K and 6950X, and allegedly they should have 6 to 10 cores.

New Intel i7 Processor Comes With 10 Cores

Even the weakest processors in this high-end series would certainly have high performance. Core i7 Models of 6800K and 6850K will have six cores (12 threads total) at 3,4 and 3,6 GHz and 15MB L3 cache, while the Core i7-6900K processor with eight cores and 16 threads on 3,3GHz with 20MB L3 cache.

Core i7-6950X as the strongest model allegedly will have 10 cores (yes, 20 threads), will be ticking on 3GHz and include 25MB of L3 cache. Not surprisingly, it is mentioned that it will also have an unlocked multiplier for easy overclocking.

The owners of motherboards with the X99 chipset should be happy when they hear that all these processors should come with LGA2011-v3 base, which means that the new processor may need only a simple BIOS upgrade, and not buying a new motherboard.