Lovers of space flight that lack space manned missions aimed at the moon will certainly be delighted with the new move of the US space agency. NASA, in fact, over the years, while actively exploring the moon, has equipped its astronauts on the Apollo spacecrafts with specially made Hasselblad cameras. All photos recorded by astronauts during the mission have been preserved and digitized later, and after 2004 it was done in high resolution.
Now there are more than 8,400 photographs taken in space, which are posted on Flickr. Photos are posted on the Internet in high resolution, which goes back to 1800 dpi, which can be viewed or downloaded for free. The man responsible for their publication, Kipp Teague, says he is still working on the collection and digitalization of photographs from parts of the missions that are missing in this collection.
To enthusiasts this collection could provide hours of enjoyment in scenes of the universe, the interior of the Apollo spacecrafts, views of the Earth, or the pictures of astronauts who perform various tasks on the moon. Enjoy!