Since the Xbox One has continuously been lagging behind the PlayStation 4, Microsoft has decided that the data about the sale of their console will no longer be published.

Although the head of Xbox Phil Spencer until recently claimed that he is not bothered by the sales gap between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 console, Microsoft as a company does not want to look like a loser. So if they don’t manage to attract customers with greater range of exclusive games, introducing feedback support for X360 games better offers of Games with Gold program or Windows 10, Microsoft will no longer boast with figures of sold consoles.
Truth to be told, so far they have been doing it very rarely anyway  – only when they beaten PS4 during holidays with the reduced price of Xbox One; and the sales results for both the Xbox consoles – 360 and One were combined. Since that wasn’t particularly helpful they are now turning to new tactics.
Microsoft Will No Longer Publish How Many Xbox Consoles Were Sold
So, the numbers of sold consoles will no longer be publicly announced. Instead, new measurement of success will be the number of users on the Xbox Live service.
And now Microsoft can boast with the growing number of Xbox Live users, 28% more than last year. The total number is now around 39 million user accounts, where many of them are subscribers to the Gold service and some with free account. It is important to note that the number represents only active accounts accessed by users in the last month, so the number is probably higher if we include inactive or bit neglected accounts.