Users who have Windows 7 installed at their computers have found themselves (not their fault) in an unenviable situation. In fact, all of a sudden they have received a message that the new patch size 4.3 MB is ready for installation, which would not be  strange if that it wasn’t more similar to malware than legitimate patch from Microsoft.
In fact, as you can see on the photograph the name of the patch is completely messed- instead of the normal titles and signs to explain what it is,  only thing visible are random selection of upper and lower case letters. That was enough to some users (those who have observed) to get concerned whether their computers were affected by some malware that comes from hacked Windows Update service.
Luckily for them, a Microsoft spokesman quickly clarified that it is not a malware, and that Microsoft servers aren’t hacked, but there was an unintentional omission. Microsoft employees mistakenly gave life to test version of Windows 7 patch, which is supposed to be available only for computers within the company.