Joint Photographic Experts Group, the organization behind the JPEG image format, wants to introduce DRM protection on JPEG images, portal Techdirt reported.

“JPEG committee is exploring the ways to ensure privacy and security when sharing images on social networks, websites with stock images and so on.” was their official statement.
Joint Photographic Experts Group is planning to provide new functions in the JPEG images that will “ensure privacy, maintain data integrity and protect intellectual property,” while “maintaining compatibility with old and new JPEG solutions.”
As reported by Engadget, Joint Photographic Experts Group has not made a final decision, and the organization Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) joined the debate with the desire to find a solution which would not be extreme – namely, the EFF admits that encryption of certain data may serve as an useful filter (allowing for example, only your Facebook friends to see a certain picture), but does not want the JPEG team to creates images that are impossible to copy.
JPG Images May Soon Have Copy Protection