New update for Dota 2 has turned the Internet upside down. Among the updated files, for some reason, there were certain files that refer to what it sounds like Half Life 3.

Many have already lost hope, but as Gandalf says- “There was never much hope. Only fool’s hope.” Half Life 3 might be announced, or might not, but in any case, an interesting thing happened with the arrival of the last update for Dota 2. Three files as the part of the update crept in with references to “something”, and we all know what “something” is. Or we want to know. We want to believe. And get this- the potential information are suggesting that Half Life 3 might take elements of RPG games.

In the first line there was a hl3.txt file spotted which mentions the mechanic of quest system, dialog, NPC characters and stuff like that. Among the NPC characters combine soldiers from Half Life 2 are mentioned. Also mentioned are players group, different states of NPC, such as sleeping, or very abstract things like procedural spawning and other crazy things.
There is also rpg.txt file where is defined the basis of RPG elements in Source 2 starter. Mostly abstract things, but it could be read as someone was thinking about inventory system, objects statistics and so on. The last, lights.txt file is defining the lighting and it is mentioning realistic change of day and night.

So, we got another indication of something, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a case of actual things. Given how long has it been developed, Half Life 3 might not keep any of these things. Actually, maybe this is just some kind of a bizarre coincidence, and hl3.txt refers to a completely different topic. Still, something smells fishy here. It smells bad.