According to Apple the sales of the iPad Pro will start on 11 November, and it wouldn’t be a big surprise if pre-order began earlier, allowing for early adopters to reserve this large tablet and get it delivered on the 11th.

This oversized tablet, with the screen of almost 13 inches, keyboard and pencil, was unveiled today at Apple’s annual iPhone press event. Other than the size, at first glance this tablet looks like other iPads you’ve seen with matte aluminium finish, available in three colors, and all usual buttons and openings with one new thing. It is a special connector at the bottom designed for optional keyboard, called Smart Keyboard.

Ipad Pro Sales Starts In November

The new, jumbo iPad Pro is about expensive as a PC, $799 for the base unit with 32 GB storage and 128 GB version for $949 or LTE edition, also with 128 GB storage for $1,079.

Ipad Pro Sales Starts In November

No matter which Ipad Pro you buy, none of them is bundled with the accessories, and they are not cheap: $99 for the Pencil and $169 for the keyboard.

Since Microsoft did the same with its Surface, who can blame Apple for doing it with its new Ipad Pro, although Microsoft did bundle the pen with its base model. We wish the Apple at least included the pen, since without it, the device is just big iPad without any benefits the Pro has to offer.