Without any major announcements, Apple released another upgrade of its mobile operating system yesterday. iOS 9.1 is available for download and installation for all users with iPhone 4S or newer, as well as iPad 2 and newer.

This is first larger upgrade of iOS 9, but surprisingly, as a fundamental improvement of user experience it doesn’t point out anything related to the device, but- new Emoji icons.
For those who prefer to chat, now there will be a larger number of emoji available in accordance with Unicode 7 and 8 standards. Particularly interesting is the “middle finger”, so the rude ones among us now will get a way to express themselves through emoji.
The other major news will be of use only to owners of the latest iPhones, 6S and 6S Plus. It’s about improving the Live Photos – now cell phone will recognize if a user moved it immediately after capturing an image, and such pictures will be removed from the “live” images.
iOS 9.1 also brings support for several complementary products services, such as Apple TV, Apple News (only in the UK), and iPad Pro. In addition with the update few common patches of smaller problems noticed by users are also coming, so the upgrade is definitely recommended. File download is a little over 200 MB.
iOS 9.1 Is Here