Electronic Arts expects that the players will love the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront, and that by the end March 13 million copies will be sold.

Analyst team from Electronic Arts raised the expectations for the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront and estimated that the players will accept a game and give it a good passing grade. According to new forecasts, Battlefront should by the end of March reach up to 13 million sold copies, which is between three and four million more than earlier expectations.

High Expectations For Star Wars: Battlefront

The reason for this optimistic assessment is a very successful beta testing held in October of this year, where a record number of nine million players participated. Most of these players, according to Electronic Arts, had positive comments, so there is no reason why they shouldn’t give similar comments on the final product.

Beta testing was accessed by nine million people. EA believes that the final product will be even more popular.

“Beta was extremely powerful, we have already talked about that, and has left behind a large number of pre-orders.” – Said Peter Moore from EA in his conversation with investors -“Every week after the beta pre-orders are steadily growing. In addition, the popularity of the game has been greatly influenced by the release of the trailer for The Force Awakens, which is one of the reasons why the hype for the game grew rapidly. ” 
Moore explained that the predictions were not unfounded, and that he believes that the number of sold copies could be much higher.
Earlier this month, EA announced the season pass for Star Wars Battlefront will cost $50. The pass will include 4 expansion packs, two-weeks early access to the expansions, and a “Shoot First” emote.


  1. I think you accidentally replaced the words “low expectations” with “high expectations.” It’s an easy mistake to make until you realized that it being made by EA and that it lacks all of the substance of a decent game and has all of the nickel and diming we have all come to expect from a company that is leading the way when it comes putting the least amount of effort possible into something they can milk the most money out of.