According to some claims the creator of the Metal Gear saga and the publishing house Konami they dispersed, after thirty long years of successful collaboration, earlier this month.

According to some claims the creator of the Metal Gear saga and the publishing house Konami parted ways earlier this month after thirty long years of successful collaboration.

That Hideo Kojima will leave Konami, the company where he spent all of his career, was known at the beginning of this year. However, it has never been clarified why exactly Kojima and Konami parted ways – why Silent Hills was canceled, and why MGS 5 turned out as if it was missing more content. Somehow I doubt that these things will remain confidential, but probably we will get at least one side of the story when Kojima is no longer an employee of Konami.

Hideo Kojima Left Konami, They Claim He Is On Vacation

According to the newspaper The New Yorker, a divergence has already happened on the 9th of this month. Kojima was even thrown a farewell party judging by the picture which was taken then. However, Konami has no idea about any kind of farewell party for Kojima. Their official response is that Kojima has really left his job – to go on vacation.

“Kojima is currently an employee of the company. He and his team have just completed their work on Metal Gear Solid 5 and took a break from work … Because the development cycle of games for consoles takes so long, there are the effects of tiredness. It is quite usual that employees take free time when the development is completed. “- people from Konami explained.
So what is the truth in the end? It is less important. If all this were Konami nonsense in an attempt to cover up the problem that they think is not the problem; then they should be ashamed because they have done extremely sloppy job. And if all of this is just a play of a typical Japanese, it would be the funniest thing ever. But somehow I think that in this “marriage” nobody feels like laughing.