After some loud criticism from fans on the introduction of micro transactions in Payday 2, the creators of the game try to defend themselves claiming that it is the only way to secure a monthly salary for their work on the game.

Two weekends ago Payday 2 got a micro transactions, nothing strange nowadays. However, it is strange because upon release of the game two years ago, the developer Overkill explicitly said that their game will never, ever have micro transactions where the players with deeper pockets could pay for faster progress in the game.
Not surprisingly, the change of this attitude caused an avalanche of negative reactions from fans, especially because of the way that the micro transactions were introduced. Basically, there are safes as rewards in the Crimefest Events in the game, containing skins and stat boost item. Safes can be unlocked only by drills, so that breaking each lock costs $ 2.50. However, the problem is in the fact that the skins in the safe may be related to the weapons that you do not have so you have to buy it as part of a DLC package, and there are dozens of those.
Here's How Overkill Justifies The Introduction Of Micro Transactions In Payday 2
The plan for introducing microtransactions was made in secret, without informing fans, and the reason for such decision was made internally. The Payday 2 already has 88 updates, and work on them wasn’t free. Moreover, it turned out that the sale of the game was not sufficient to cover the cost of work on the DLC packs and general support. To boost sales, Overkill  decided half a year ago,to cut prices of game and DLC packs for 33-43%, and every now and then there is a 75% discount in order to attract a new audience and thus ensure salaries for their employees.
Therefore, micro transactions are staying – whether fans like it or not. People from overkill say they respect the opinion of the audience, but they hope that they can “convince the community to stop resisting change and to accept the fact that the introduction of micro transactions was a decision for the stability of Overkill as the development team and the future growth of Payday 2”.


  1. “Stop resisting change,” huh? I wish I could get a refund for my Payday 2 purchase, I never really played it and now I know I never will.