This year’s PlayStation exclusive game Helldivers is being released for PC by the end of the year. Especially interesting is the fact that it is going to be the PlayStation Mobile Division’s game that found its place on Steam.

Helldivers For PC Announced On Steam

The creators of the famous PC series Magicka, earlier this year with the help of the Sony, launched a new IP called Helldivers on PlayStation platforms. The game got decent critics, but didn’t achieve the desired sales considering that it has just announced for the PC platform.

That wouldn’t be so strange if the publishing rights weren’t in the property of Sony or PlayStation Mobile Division under which the game will be released on PC. So, it will be the first Sony’s title published on Steam, EVER. There were some Sony Online Entertainment’s games on Steam, but this is the first time that the game is issued under the PlayStation Mobile. Does this mean the beginning of a new trend or just one exception – we will find out soon.

In any case, Helldivers for PC are coming with three previous expansions – Masters of the Galaxy, Turning up the Heat and Democracy Strikes Back. The players are promised to get lots of graphical settings, programmable hot keys for control and additional text chat. We still don’t know the price nor the exact date of the release, but the rumors say that it is going to be next mont