New Gran Turismo doesn’t have a number in its name because it wants to move away from the current concepts and offer a new direction of development to car simulation genre.

Even since E3 fair there were rumors about the new Gran Turismo title. The stories about the alleged Gran Turismo Sport haven’t come true, but that the game is really developing, was confirmed by the creator of the GT series today in Paris. The first GT on PS4 console will not have the number in the title, which insinuates that it might not be the real sequel that fans are expecting. At this point it is not known whether the title without the number is only cosmetic decision or it is a “trial balloon.”

Gran Turismo Sport Announced, Beta In Early 2016

The GT Sport is conceptually quite different from previous games in the series if is it to judge by the first information that we have heard directly from its creator. The game will be divided into two major competitions that will be held parallel during the year. One will be the Nations Cup, in which players will compete for their country, while in the second, Manufacturer Fan Cup, they will compete by the brands of vehicles. It is interesting that the competition will have a real awards at the end of each season, and they will be handed to winners by real,  world famous drivers like Lewis Hamilton.

The game will also support the PlayStation VR so the experience of driving should get to a whole new level. What will the GT Sport look like and more importantly – how will it be driven – we will find out early next year, when the first game test is scheduled.