These days the devices operating in Android OS have received a new version of Google Play Video application.The biggest news is that the new version brings the ability to record a video during gaming.

New option is available in every playing title that you previously installed on your tablet or smartphone. Regarding the recording quality, Google has provided support for videos of 480 p and 720 p quality.

When you’re done recording gameplay, Google Play Games will help you upload the video directly to YouTube. There are some simple editing features that let you trim the clip down before uploading, or you can save the video file for editing later.

Google Play Games Gets Recording Feature

If you want the irrefutable evidence that it was you in front of the screen during gaming and not someone else, you can turn on  recording using the front camera (if your device has one).

Also if you like giving comments while you play, you can turn on the microfone so your comments will be recorded as well.

Google Play Games recording will be launching today in the US and UK.

Play Games application comes with the number 3.4.12 and can be downloaded from the Google Play store. In case you have any difficulties downloading the new version, you can download it as APK file on this link.