With a new generation of “simulators” there is one rule – it can always be crazier. The collaboration of two studios known for silly games is the best proof.

Many players call the games such as Goat Simulator and I Am the Bread “bait to Youtube”, and when they say that, they think of the popular stars like PewDiePie who by playing such games bring the creators media exposure and thus, of course, money.
Whatever you may think about them, both games are certainly popular, and development teams behind them – Coffee Stain Studios and Bossa Studios – have decided to unite their forces and give the players a free crossover DLC named Goatbread.
GoatBread - Free DLC For Goat Simulator And I Am Bread
If you have a goat simulator you will be able to play as a slice of bread, while the owners of I Am the Bread will get “RAMpage” mode. Current or potential owners of these games could download this DLC for free within a few weeks. Until then, you can check out the official website or admire the video below.