The official game based on the movie on Friday the 13th showed up on Kickstarter and revealed quite an interesting ambitions including the asymmetrical multiplayer.

By some general, unwritten rule, all the games that carry The Game in their name don’t go very well. We said that as soon as the game was announced. However, the game has been revealed today and we may have jumped to conclusion – at least when it comes to the idea. The Friday the 13th game will not be just an ordinary movie recycling but there are some new ideas, firstly that players will be able to take the role of main villain Jason Voorhees.
The game will be consisted out of two modes – asymmetric multiplayer for the 1v7 players and singleplayer. In singleplayer in the role of Jason, certain parts of the film will be shown. Multiplayer, on the other side will be a film for itself. Someone will therefore be a homicidal maniac, and seven other players will be the horny teenagers. Each match is being recorded and presented as a trailer at the end.  There will be few possible endings – first that Jason kills all teenagers, they kill him, or that some of them manage to escape.
Although it seems that Jason will be more interesting character to play, teenagers will have to cooperate well in order to solve the system of fear. And similar as in Amnesia, the characters will be seeing things if they start meeting Jason to often.
The game will be powered by the Unreal Engine 4, and is intended for PC and current consoles.  VR devices support is not excluded as well, but the initial plan is still to collect $ 700,000 for the development of the game in the next month on Kickstarter. It started well, but whether it will continue to do so – we’ll see in a month.