Just imagine a world in which, when you buy a device, you never have to worry about its charging or potential electricity bill. Sounds amazing, right?

However, although it sounds unbelievable, it does not necessarily mean that it is impossible. This week it was presented the freshly introduced a unique technology, which collects energy “from nothing” and that, if developed properly, can supply all our devices. Forever. Of course, that does not mean it will. But, hopes die last.
It is all about Freevolt, a special system which recovers energy from the RF signals from your existing wireless networks and digital television and based on them it can forever and for free power any device that does not require too much energy. This invention came from British company Drayson Technologies, which has developed this technology for commercial use.
Freevolt is consisted of three parts: an antenna that collects RF energy from any source that is within the range that is 0.5-5GHz, “ultra-efficient” adapter to which all the collected energy is conducted and modules which store all the energy and then produce electricity from it. And that is it. It sounds simple, right? No wonder, because the mentioned company simply decided to take advantage of all that free energy in the form of radio waves that are continually, in certain amount, more or less available – and then convert them into usable energy.
However, despite its efficacy, Freevolt still can not be used to power devices that require more power. In places where there is a large concentration of RF signals, such as for example a modern office, single standard Freevolt unit can produce only about 100 microwatts of energy, which is not enough even for charging smartphones.
However, people in the Drayson believe that Freevolt, as it is now, could represent “the backbone of the modern connected households in the broad sense, IoT technologies”. Devices based on the work of sensors could also be powered by Freevolt forever, which could be easily used on smaller IoT devices, such as smart alarms for smoke detection or motion cameras.
Also, in the Drayson it is considered that, in the long run, Freevolt could be used to increase battery life in modern gadgets like smart watches.
To ensure profits from this technology, Drayson’s business model will include the sale of licenses for Freevolt and the related patents, a technical support will be also charged to all those who are interested in using this technology.
And, in order to show a concrete example which exactly shows how this technology can be used, DT has produced CleanSpace – a product of their own that is powered exclusively by Freevolt, and it is a monitor that measures air pollution. This device is currently available only to British people through the crowdfunding campaign on Crowdfunder.co.uk at the price of 55 pounds.
The company has already started to offer development kit for developers who would like a little “tampering with” this new technology, which can be pre-ordered through the official Drayson Technologies website.