Call of Duty might have it’s promotional burgers, but the fallout has official beer that will be produce by the company Carlsberg.

What would you do first when you go from a large shelter into a post-apocalyptic world? The answer to this probably varies from person to person, but the chances are that someone would want to have a beer enjoying in what one has. Fortunately, Bethesda is here to quench the thirst! From the next month, The fallout will have its official beer that will be produced by the UK branch of company Carlsberg. It is going to be a light beer with 6% alcohol and packed in 330 ml bottles.
Fallout 4 Will Have Its Official Beer
Now, the less happy part – beer will be available only on the territory of Great Britain, and it won’t be cheap – 12 bottles will cost 30 pounds, more than double the usual Carlsberg beer. That’s probably because it will raise the characteristics of intelligence and charisma in the game, if you believe strongly enough.
Anyway, Fallout 4 has gone gold, and now is in phase of reproduction in order to be ready by 10. 11. when it will be released. It was confirmed, ant it is specific for PC version, that the disk will not contain all the files needed to install it and that a good part of the game shall be downloaded via Steam. By doing so, you will need activation on Steam, which is not new. They have been doing this for more than 10 years in as a way to fight piracy.


  1. 30 pounds?

    I could just tip spirits in a regular Carlsberg beer….

    You’re just paying twice as much for the fallout sticker….. Wow.