Facebook: Changes In Functionality And Appearance Of User Profiles

User profiles on Facebook, more specifically their mobile version, will soon receive a number of important innovations that represent the most significant changes in functionality and visual appearance of the same in the past five years.

Among the news highlights the possibility that instead of the classic profile photographs put a short video for seven seconds. Video will run continuously, and to listen to their audio with video will need to click on it or one to touch the screen in the case of mobile devices.

It also introduces the option of temporary profile photo that is automatically removed after a certain time and replaced with a “standard” profile photographs. For example, you can set up temporary photos from holidays, which after seven days replaces the old common profile photo.

The third novelty concerns your privacy and security, introduces the possibility that a separate profile for each category such as Business, lives in, from places and Education determines who can see the data from these categories.

Users within your profile can add a short biography that contains more than 100 characters and five selected representative image that will serve other Facebook users to gain a better insight about the person behind the profile that view.

All this now is testing a small number of users on iOS devices in the UK and the USA (California).