The new period of “life” for Dungeon Defenders II means that the progress of players will be permanent, and it will no longer be reset by the authors.

As once was promised, Dungeon Defenders II, after early paid access began the era of free-to-play gameplay via Steam.
Anybody who is interested can download the game, which, according to the authors is in the “open alpha version”. The Ascension patch laid the groundwork and it upgraded towers to be bigger and stronger, the players themselves can determine the upgrade attributes as they progress, while the opponents are additionally balanced.
As we all know, Dungeon Defenders II are designed as a combination of a from a third person action and elements of Tower Defense, which is the most fun in cooperative games up to four players, and the authors are announcing the second part of the patch to be ready by the end of the month that delivers new customized thematic maps for upcoming holidays, some new opponents, costumes and so on.
It should be emphasized that the development of Dungeon Defenders II  does not stop with this change, and the authors had promised to continue working hard on it, but now all who want it, can try the game out for free, and optionally via micro transactions get supplements that supposedly do not affect gameplay, but we cannot confirm nor deny it at this point.